Will it help if I run a node?

I heard you need a certain voting weight. Will the node only be a burden to the network if below this threshold?

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This is not an easy yes or no question. An abundance of nodes that are not maintained properly will become detrimental to the network. Therefore, regardless of your voting weight, you should consider the following prerequisites for running a node:

  1. Keep the node software up to date in a timely fashion
  2. Maintain the proper hardware and bandwidth required
  3. Address issues proactively and patch as needed
  4. Become and stay an active member of the Nano technical community

If you have < 0.1% voting weight, but will commit to the above, then running a node is worthwhile to further decentralize the network. These points become even more critical as you amass voting weight or become a rebroadcasting account.

Eventually the official representatives will be shut down and additional measures will be put in place to spread voting weight more easily. Having existing, trustworthy, well maintained representative nodes will be critical as the voting weight is redistributed. We will see those with < 0.1% grow to become rebroadcasting accounts over time. Nano’s vision to become truly decentralized cannot be realized without the community’s dedication to the cause.

Recommended to also read the official documentation on this matter