Wikipedia article

Thanks for pushing through this update Martin.

FWIW, I can't see the governance column when I load the page.

I see a small right-hand empty column artifact in the Nano row, making it stand out slightly from other rows. I see it after Ctrl+F5, after clearing my Chrome cache, and also in an Incognito Window - so I don't think it's my browser cache.

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Now you've shown me I cannot unsee!

Is the wiki page ready to be translated?

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Yeh, seems like it is relatively stable now. It would appear to be a good time to start working on some translations.

This report is also in-depth and could be used to build the Wikipedia.

Any updates on this?
It's been more than 10 months since the launch of the English wikipedia page for Nano.
Otherwise I'll just go ahead and start with the German translation

It was good for a while, but recently there's been some talk page discussion about unreliable sources and significantly trimming the page (or deleting it completely). More academic (peer-reviewed) sources would probably be helpful

After checking the wikipedia articles of other cryptos, I think we actually need less academic sources and more articles from the web

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We probably need both. The problem that some of the editors have with Nano's sourcing is that it's mostly conference papers and not traditionally peer-reviewed journal papers. I'd argue that conference papers with citations are a form of peer review, but Wikipedia has had problems with sketchy cryptocurrency behavior in the past, so they're pretty strict now

Neither Ripple nor Dash have any peer-reviewed papers referenced on their wiki pages from what I can see.
They only reference web articles and a book.
One problem for us is that Nano is still so unpopular that there are no articles by major news sites covering it, but only shady crypto news sites


i think there is alot more things to do , great coin amazing work done on it