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The issue with citations is that they need to be either published in a journal, presented at a meeting, or come from a reliable independent source from recognised publishers

There has been a number of submissions for a potential Nano Wikipedia article, and most all of them have been denied on grounds of not having enough substantial sources.

With that being said, there have been a number of published research papers and news articles since the last submission, so we are getting closer to having enough cited material for another draft. Theres a working group of community members who have been tracking sources from news articles and research papers over the last year, if you are interested in joining please let me know.

Also, I'd like to stress the importance of not submitting your own draft to Wikipedia. Too many drafts submitted will result in us getting blacklisted, so we've been careful to slow down the rate of submissions to let more research papers and articles to come out. So please, if you're interested in making a submission let me know and I'll add you to the working group.

I think we may attempt another submission before the end of the year, though I'm not certain.


Can you add me to the group? I’ve been editing the draft on Wikipedia, which seems like the logical place to collaborate on this.

Yep, send me a PM on the Nano Discord and I'll get you an invite

After the article is done, you should try to mention nano on this pages:

I assume that people who visit this pages are people interested in crypto and new to crypto - the kind of people we want to find about nano.



Edit: The tool I used to check the pageviews

It would be nice if we would find a book that mentions nano. There are so many books about cryptocurrencies, it would be weird if none of those mentions nano.

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I found two Thesis that talk about Nano, maybe they can be used as references in the article:

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Continuing the discussion from Wikipedia article (requested):

This paper also mentions Nano:


Another one:


That last one is very thorough.

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Thanks for those Fiono! I added them to the draft.

The Wikipedia article is live! Thanks to all who helped bring it to fruition.

Now that the article is public, we have begun the process of migrating the discussion and maintenance to a public channel within the Nano Discord. If you'd like to help, see the #wikipedia channel in


Nano is now in Wikipedia's 'List of Cryptocurrencies':


It's actually in with a small formatting error in the table (for a now obsolete 'Governance' column.)
I did ask on the Talk page for that to be corrected - and got told it already had been corrected (though it hasn't.)

( But actually I don't really mind if that error stays forever - because it makes Nano's row slightly stand out from all the others! :smile: )


Thanks for pushing through this update Martin.

FWIW, I can't see the governance column when I load the page.

I see a small right-hand empty column artifact in the Nano row, making it stand out slightly from other rows. I see it after Ctrl+F5, after clearing my Chrome cache, and also in an Incognito Window - so I don't think it's my browser cache.

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Now you've shown me I cannot unsee!

Is the wiki page ready to be translated?

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Yeh, seems like it is relatively stable now. It would appear to be a good time to start working on some translations.

This report is also in-depth and could be used to build the Wikipedia.