Where is the bootstrap list?

Hello I was looking at the code and could not find the bootstrap list. When I run the node it connects to weird addresses (like ::ffff: which I can't ping so I'm even more confused.
Does anybody know a good bootstrap list? Where does the node take the list?
I looked for any kind of address but I could not find anything in the codebase.

I don't know about the bootstrap list, but I can explain something else.

aren't really weird addresses.

This is just the IP address mapped to IPv6 notation of 0:0:0:0:0:ffff:b90c:07e1.
Following compact representation
0:0:0:0:0:ffff gets compacted to ::ffff and
b90c:07e1 stays in the easier readable and well-known format of

yes, I figured that out. And my current understanding is that there is no such list, the peers are stored and retrieved in a DNS server. Basically by nslookup you get a bootstrap list at peering.nano.org

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