Where i can find my Nano? - Nanex Exchange

Hello everyone.
i´m writing here because i can´t find any answers.
I had some Nano in Nanex exchange, but the website is not working.
I still have the credentials to enter but idk how.

I would like to know how can i take out my Nano inside.
I´d appreciate your answer.


Unfortunately, the Nanex exchanged closed more than a year ago, leaving others like you in a similar situation.

There is a late claim form that has been shared, and I believe some users have received refunds this way.

Good luck!

Hi Andy.

Thanks for your answer.
I know it will be hard for me to get those Nano..

I'm having the exact same issue. I bought Nano but kept it on the website. I didn't save it to a wallet or desktop. I just had it within the site and logged on with a username, password and pretty certain, a google authenticator. All I have is 24 letters I wrote down on a notecard that says "Nano/Rai Exchange". If I was prompted to write down something else I would have. I was very diligent with my notes at that time.

This link is the only one I've found that has asked for my 24 character master key (which I still have). I'm just nervous posting it. I wish there was a safer way to access my funds. I'm also curious why they had to close the whole site. Why not leave it open for people to get their Nano out and disband the trading side of it? I don't feel comfortable letting someone else open my account and sending it to a wallet for me.