What to do if I have my nanos in an old raiblock wallet?


I had my nanos in an old Raiblock wallet, what I have to do to take them to a new nano wallet, what wallet? I try to download a new vault wallet and put my seed but it doesn´t work, I need help please... thank you.

There is no difference between raiblocks and Nano. Raiblocks was simply renamed. There is no real need to move them to a new wallet.

So if you have your raiblocks seed you can use it in any of the Nano wallets.


I can't send my Nanos to an exchange. What I have to do to get my Nanos? Do I have to get a new wallet?

You will need to make sure you have a backup of your seed and then select a new wallet from the many available options. https://nano.org/pay

Most let you use an existing seed to import your accounts.

hi i still have old xraiblocks from 2017 with seed phrase from old raiblocks wallet! how to restore them again

If you have your seed you should be able to use it with any wallets that support a "Nano" type on the "Seed Import" column here: https://nanowallets.guide/