What if representatives are being blocked

What if representatives are being blocked by governments? Is there any way to have a representative via Tor protocol?

The bandwidth through a tor connection may be a limiting factor.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a government would have to block ALL representatives to prevent users from using Nano. Just blocking primary representatives won't work as users would just need to point to an unblocked representative (no matter how small) to get their transactions broadcast to the network -- and such a rep can be provisioned and stood up fairly quickly to get around any static block list.

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Fair enough. Can my wallet find some closest representative automatically then, if my main representative is not available?

That would depend on your wallet, there's a similar discussion in this thread.
I don't think there's a clear definition of "closest" -- like based on geolocation?

A wallet can potentially detect if your rep is down (either via an online service or the wallet service themselves), and suggest you to change it, or even choose one itself (as long as you're there to unlock your private key, e.g. via fingerprint or password).

Ok. I guess the best and secure approach is to give the user to choose a new representative as it requires a seed. That makes sense. Thanks. :+1:

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Also, to answer your original question, and sorry if I'm mistaken, but it sounds like you're assuming that you need to send messages directly to the representative? That's not quite true.

As far as I understand, you give your voting power to a representative via a message (a block) that is distributed via the peer to peer network. You have no direct line to them at all, unless you're connected to them via coincidence! :slight_smile: