What does nano has to offer compared with other low fee cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Stellar, Iota, Bitshares, Steem and others?

Why should I choose Nano over other similar coins?

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Being fee-less is very different than to have fees. While another coin’s fees may seem small to users in some parts of the world, for a lot of countries they matter. And there’s nothing to suggest that fees for these coins will not increase over time, Nano will always have zero fees. There are also plenty of other differences between Nano and the other coins mentioned. For one, Nano is focused solely on being the most effective peer to peer transfer of value. This is done by stripping down the protocol to make it as lightweight as possible, allowing the fastest possible transactions and letting anyone function as a validator. Nano is more energy-efficient and more decentralized than Ripple and Stellar where a majority of coins is held by the development team.


How is Nano different?

  • 0 transaction fees

  • The fastest cryptocurrency (<1 sec for full conf)

  • Initially distributed for free via CAPTCHA faucet

  • Fully distributed

  • No inflation

  • Limited supply

  • Small developer fund (~5% of total supply)

  • No minimum amounts for account balances or transactions

  • No miners

  • No staking or fund lockups

  • No smart contracts

  • Transactions can't be censored or reversed by representatives

  • Anyone can be a representative

  • Voting weight can be remotely re-delegated to anyone at anytime

  • Environmentally friendly (>5,000,000x more energy efficient than Bitcoin)

  • Similar decentralization as Bitcoin: https://imgur.com/a/ajqRC99

  • Scales with hardware on the first layer


@Qwahzi's post should be the accepted answer! Brilliant. :slight_smile:

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Obviously it's nice paying no fees - but...many coins have fees so low that the fee isn't economically significant.

But there's an AWESOME unmentioned advantage to being feeless - that the wallet UX (User eXperience) is SUPERB!

The payment screen UI in all Nano wallets is absolutely simple for new users, because it has only "Address" and an "Amount" fields.

This makes Nano FAR more likely to go viral.

Granny don't want no "Fee" field.
Granny doesn't understand what it's for. She doesn't understand who receives it. She worries that she's offering too little to get a fast payment, or wasting money by paying too much. But she can be using a Nano wallet within 2 minutes of starting to download it.