Want to create personal streaming site with NANO paywall access

Hello Nano community,

I am interested in creating a personal website through which I can stream live video accessible through a NANO paywall. For example, I want a webcam setup that is constantly filming live content. Users will be able to access the live stream through a NANO paywall. Users would be able to choose how long they get to watch based on how much NANO they pay. For example, I may charge 1 NANO for 10 minute access, 2 NANO for 30 minute access, etc.

In addition I would have a library of clips from previous livestreams that could be sold on a pay per view basis.

I have done a little research so far and think the easiest option would be to create a wordpress website and use one of the various plugins that allows for live video streaming:

I think it should be easy to setup streaming on a wordpress site. Where it gets complicated is setting up the timed paywall that gives access to the stream for a specific amount of time.

Any comments, tips, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

So I found that somenano.com has a WordPress plugin that enables a paywall for content on a WordPress site. Unfortunately you have to have a 'Business' level membership to enable plugins which costs $300/yr. I'm not willing to invest that much on this idea at the moment. So WordPress might not be the route I'm looking for afterall. Any thoughts?

There was a demo of a streaming Nano video payment service https://www.reddit.com/r/nanocurrency/comments/dndj4d/streaming_video_content_with_nano_boompow_an/

Thanks for the response. This is a really cool example. I did some research and haven't found much else on this project. There is another video on that channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6PhIujxlqg

Any info on the progress of the project? I reached out in the Reddit thread and hope to hear more soon.

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Unfortunately that’s all the information I have

Hey Mark. I liked your post very much! I own nanostream.zil/nanostream.crypto - so i would be very interested to develop some ideas about this too. Anyone who has interest in developing something can write me too!

The idea of a paywall timeout is interesting. On the plug-in side, if you are going to work with WordPress beyond simple content, you will likely need plugins. You can host your own WordPress site for the cost of a hosting service (~60usd year). Check out WordPress.org (not .com)