Wallet/Coin restore

Hello together,

Could you please assist me on how to restore my coins? I used to be with NANO since the Raiblock times and I bought XRBs in that time. I have stored my Seed and Identifier unique number, but I dont know how to proceed.

Thank you in advance.

You can use any wallet to import your seed. I recommend https://natrium.io/. Also do not give your seed to anyone trying to 'help'.

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Thank you for you answer, I managed to restore my wallet with my Seed Unique number, unfortunately my coins got lost for some reason. I remember I was buying approximately 10 XRB for over 300 euro in that time.

Is there a way to recover my coins?

Maybe your funds are on another address. You can derive a gazillion of addresses from 1 seed. It's possible that the Raiblocks wallet didn't used the first address and you see 0 balance, because you look at the wrong address.
Please try generating additional addresses. Its easier on https://nault.cc/ to do that.

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I managed to recover my coins. I thought everything is lost. Many thanks!

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