Wallet activation`

Hi guys, I have searched everywhere, supposedly the wallet was going to be active and in the chain if I leave the app open for a while to sync, but I tried getting some nano from indacoin and failed, the support told me to check if my wallet is activated.

When checking the block explorer it says:

"## This account hasn't been opened yet

While the account address is valid, no blocks have been published to its chain yet. If NANO has been sent to this account, it still needs to publish a corresponding block to pocket the funds."

How the hell I am activating it then?
I am using Exodus on Mac and Natrium on iOS, still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you are using an Exodus wallet but also waiting for something to sync.

Can you confirm which wallet you are using?

No matter if Exodus or Natrium, still says the account is not activated. How do I do that ?

Any help how to have the wallet activated would be appreciated.


If you have an account that hasn't been opened yet, it means nobody has sent Nano to that address. If you are trying to get Nano from an exchange, you must withdraw to the address you own, then open that address in a wallet like Natrium, which will receive the Nano sent there, thus opening the account.