V22 and V21.3 recent patches

After continued analysis and testing, we've identified a series of patches we've been putting into v22 and a v21.3 branch. Currently, the beta network has already migrated to v22 which makes testing v21.3 on the beta net difficult. If the testing of these patches is successful, and timing-dependent, these changes can be deployed with V22 or also as a standalone patch V21.3.

The final votes updates have begun testing on the beta network with V22.0DB11 and we anticipate the following patches for network synchronization to be included in V22.0DB12 in the next couple of days:

  • Remove recently dropped check to restart elections
  • Age-based frontier request
  • Broadcasting blocks only when an election is started rather than immediately upon receipt
  • Removing confirm_frontiers check as this was primarily aimed at beta net
  • Decreasing the number of requests sent to PRs to maintain a reasonable load
  • Configurable LMDB mmap size

Anyone testing v21.3 can use this branch V21.3 and synchronization improvements by clemahieu · Pull Request #3140 · nanocurrency/nano-node · GitHub. These patches are also pushed to the ‘develop’ branch and can be compiled from there.