V21 Athena Release is live

We are excited to announce the release of V21 of the Nano node. For a great summary see the Medium article and for all the details of the release checkout the V21 Release Notes.

If you have any questions about the release or upgrade process, feel free to ask here. Looking forward to seeing Athena on the main network!


Would love to see before and after benchmarks on the live network!

This will be a good one to follow then: Nano Stress Tests - Measuring BPS, CPS, & TPS in the real world

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Quick question on upgrading.

I had previously set up a V20 node through Docker on Ubunto 16.04 as mentioned here.

I stopped my existing V20 node through the docker stop your_node_name_here command and then ran docker pull nanocurrency/nano:V21.0. I see no indication of an update of my current node from V20 to V21.

If I redo the commands in the link above with an entirely docker container name and V21, I can see I'm on V21, but with a different docker container. Do I need to just kill my old container and migrate all the accounts on my old node to the new node + update the WalletID information from my original node to this new node?

You should be able to stop your existing container, pull the new image as you listed and then use the docker run command with the new V21.0 tag to upgrade. Note that the node will not be participating on the network or responsive to RPC calls while a database upgrade occurs, which can take a number of hours on slower hardware. Progress will be displayed in the logs.

If you don't want to wait for the full upgrade, see the Ledger Management guide for options to download an already upgraded ledger.

Docker complains when I use the docker run command for V21 with my existing (and stopped) V20 container name.

docker: Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name "/your_node_name_here" is already in use by container "3fj2kjkl2jf2j3fjblblablaiusefisuefu838fs". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.

So, I have to

  • abandon my V20 container

  • import my seed into the V21 container,

  • create new wallets + assign accounts, etc. etc.?

There's not a way for me to just update my existing container from V20 to V21, right? Just making sure before I start the migration. Thanks!

As long as you are mounting a local directory in as a volume (using -v in your docker run command), you can bring the Docker container up and down, delete it, etc. as much as you want and it won't cause issues with your local ledger, wallet, etc. because those files are in the directly on the host machine (not in the Docker container).

To be safe, back those files up, but you shouldn't have an issue removing the duplicate container. You can also give it the container a new name if that doesn't cause issues with other parts of your setup.

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Lovely! It was very easy.

I was just confused by the delay during the database upgrade where I couldn't ping my node for any info for an hour or so.

Mounting in the local directory allowed the new docker container to read all the existing information of my old container, so no "migration" was needed. Such a smooth transition, running V21 now. Thanks for the help!

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The upgrade can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over 4 hours depending on hardware, mostly how much RAM.