US citizen here, bought NANO on binance and don't know how to transfer it

I bought NANO on binance a few years ago and logged on a few weeks ago to move it because I found out they don't support US citizens. I verified my address with them so they know I'm a US citizen, hence the message they keep sending me.

I created a binance US account, but I can't figure out how to move it. Binance support team keeps sending me a link about unstable network and a V21.3 fix. They don't explain how I can transfer it though!

Can somebody explain how I can transfer it step by step as a US citizen please?

I'm new here, not sure how this is flagged as "off topic" as it says in this section "do you have questions about NANO?"

I created the topic, how do I need to word this or what section does this question fit better in to get answers?

Do I need to move this to general discussion?

You cant withdraw or deposit nano on binance until the network is fixed, probably another couple of weeks.