Unconfirmed for over 24 hours

Hey everyone,

I have a block that hasn't been confirmed for over 24 hours. Even with the recent spam, I haven't encountered this situation yet. I initiated the transfer in Nault. Does anyone know why it might be taking this long to be confirmed or am I just being too impatient? Does the receiving account need to send a receive block before it's confirmed?

Block Hash: 085BC84AD444EA90F383E6E560B5A1849BF398285987C4F60F7D46137EF96376

Thanks in advance!

The confirmation times are high because the network throughput has been limited.
Quoting information by Colin from the subreddit:

Lowering the bandwidth allows nodes to keep up while still allowing throughput multiple times over what was being used in practice. Since the activity in the last week looks like a coordinated ledger bloat attack, the network operating at a lower tps is alleviating those concerns.

This affects legitimate users as well as the spammers. I'm sorry to say that all you can do right now is to wait until the block got confirmed.

Gotcha. I wasn't sure because I've seen others saying that their transactions are being confirmed fairly quickly. Thanks for the info.

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Yeah, some face more trouble than others. It will get better. Hang in there!

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