Trust Wallet integration status

I use Trust Wallet as a multi coin wallet to keep small amounts of various coins, and was wondering what happend to the Nano integration that was being worked on months ago.

What I found is that the integration is actually finished already; Nano is even shown as a supported coin.

Some time ago, there was a discussion on Reddit about Trust Wallet where the developers said that the Nano integration into the Trust mobile app is stalled, because they could not be provided with a public node that fits with their RPC / API requirements.

I can understand why the Nano Foundation would not like to take the responsibility for a public node, both for technical reasons and political reasons, but there must be some party out there who can provide the Trust team with a public node?

You would have to have someone that does so through a contractual business relationship so liability issues for uptime etc are clarified. Something like if they were to charge.

I asked them probably 4 days ago, what was the statue of it in their #ios discord discussion, they answered me they were working on it right now.

Maybe binance.US opened their incoming node to them ?

EDIT : I still believe that those who have a node-monitor website should let access to the process_block rpc endpoint.

Good news! It was just announced that Trust Wallet now supports Nano. This topic can be closed.

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Great news!

I won't be closing the topic though since it can be used for status updates - e.g., new features, downtime, and general discussion.