Transfer from Binance to Nanowallet has been pending for three days now.

Here's my Nanowallet address:

And here's the transaction:

Binance says their status is completed. My Nanowallet account when accessed via the wallet itself says it has zero pending Nano.

I tried transferring from and to Nanowallet and Natrium after the pending transaction, and both of these transfers quickly and successfully pushed through, but the subject transaction is still pending.

I emailed Nanowallet support two hours after the transaction and they're still not replying until now.

I emailed Binance yesterday and said they forwarded the concern to the other team.

Where could my Nano be if Binance says the transfer is completed, the Nanowallet account says there's no pending Nano, but NanoCrawler confirms there is indeed a pending transaction?

It looks like the transaction has been completed and the Nano successfully added to the balance of your address.

Has the pending been picked up and added to the balance on NanoWallet?

It implies that Nanowallet is broken. Download a better wallet.

This likely indicates that the NanoWallet node is not fully in sync. As @sparkcrz suggested perhaps using another wallet would be the best approach if you need access now.