Transaction stuck, Binance blames Nano, please help me

A big transaction has been stuck in the limbo for days now, and although the block appears as confirmed, it still says pending: 1? I wonder if that's relevant or not?

I sent a big chunk of my savings to Binance some days ago, and they've not been credited. Binance is not helpful and they say to contact Nano, but no luck in the Discord or Reddit.

Please, can someone help me? I cannot keep this, it's just too much for me.

I'm not sure what you are referring to with pending:1.

If you check various block explorers (,,, etc) and if they all say confirmed then that's a sign that most nodes view that tx as confirmed. At that point it's either (1) the binance node is behind or (2) it's an internal issue with binance's system.

You should be checking your send tx hash and the corresponding binance receive tx hash. If your send is confirmed but no corresponding receive exists, then you are waiting on binance to broadcast a receive tx.