Transaction pending since April 19

Hi, can someone please help me figure out why my transaction from my Natrium wallet to my ledger s has been pending for 9 days now?
I have tried changing the representative for the ledger s but it gives a message saying:
"unable to generate work for C48E93C167F238441014193350FCE355E944B73F8BEB7E0D5ED49E2074034044 using server" and then just stays stuck on:
"generating proof of work...." and won't change the representative. Does this have anything to do with why my transaction is pending?



changing your rep does nothing with this really.
according to Nault all is confirmed tho, maybe the node Natrium uses is behind...

It must have been something wrong with the nanovault node. I opened the ledger with nault and the transaction completed.

I think the information here may clear up your confusion