Transaction Pending For a Week

I sent a tiny amount I gathered from here and there to Binance hoping I'd start investing in and trading Nano but no network confirmation for a week. Is there any way I can sort the problem out?

Here is the block with huge backlog.


I'm having the exact same issues. Sent nano from trust wallet to binance, 5 days later still pending transaction because the account hasn't been opened...

This account hasn't been opened yet

While the account address is valid, no blocks have been published to its chain yet. If NANO has been sent to this account, it still needs to publish a corresponding block to pocket the funds.

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Here's more information if anyone feels like helping me: NanoCrawler

Mine has finally been confirmed. I asked for help in support groups and maybe I got some. Huge backlog seems to be sorted out.

I have the same problem. I send a transaction 2 weeks ago from my trust wallet to my binance wallet but it is stil stuck/pending. Maybe it has something to do with the spam attacks. I hope somebody can help me out to solve this problem? NanoCrawler


I have a transaction pending for over 24 hours now according to nano looker.

I was trying to move from nault to natrium. I even created another nault wallet using the seed from natrium wallet.

Still pending and I am not sure what else I can try to get the nano into a wallet.

Block is:


Could somebody assist?

The send block is not confirmed yet...
Make sure you update your wallet to the latest version.
As your transaction left your wallet with a balance of zero, that block went to lowest bucket which is where spam lives currently.
I'll try using confirmy-block but I'm afraid you'd have to wait for the backlog to clear some more.
After network is healed these things won't happen anymore.

Thank you for your assistance.

The natrium mobile wallet is the latest version on my iOS phone as is the Nault desktop application on a Mac OS.

Assuming I finally get the nano in the target wallet address after waiting or any magic, is the general rule not to empty the wallet so that the block doesn’t go to the lowest bucket?

How else is it possible to make sure transactions are in a higher bucket?

Buckets have the same priority, but transactions inside the same bucket don't and unfortunately the lowest bucket is saturated... for now it is a problem but it will soon be cleared.
Some say the backlog will be clear in 4 days, after that the spam won't degrade the network anymore. Then v22.1 will fix a peering issue and v23 will improve the prioritization algorithm.