Transaction pending for 2 days


i recently imported my old raiblock wallet seed into NAULT wallet. i got a new address starting with nano_ instead of xrb_. Nano Amount on the new wallet seemed right. After the config of the wallet, NAULT notified my i have a bad representative, thus i changed to one of the recommeded reps.

This is the account:

Next i wanted to transfer 46 nano from kraken exchange to the new address. This is the transaction:

The transaction does not even show up as pending in NAULT.
Kraken say status is "sending"

what to do?

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I have the same problem here, I have a Natrium wallet on my phone and Nault on my main PC, I tried to send money from my phone to the PC account but looking at the transaction it is transmitted (just like yours) but not confirmed by the network (just like yours). So my PC wallet can't yet create the receive block (which will then get transmitted and confirmed as well).

Your transaction is pending on the network. The reason you haven't received it is because your account is missing a receive block. Try Nault on a different browser, and if that doesn't work, try importing your wallet into Natrium.