Transaction has never reached for the last 25 days

Hello, can anyone help i have a transaction sent 25 days ago from kucoin to binance and it was never reached.


it looks like this is your binance deposit address, and binance seems to have pocketed the first transaction. (this one should be in your account, if not, ask binance support what's up)
the second smaller transaction also looks like it has been pocketed, but not yet sent to their hot wallet - but this one should also be credited to your account already from my experience..

Here is binance response:
Dear user, we want to apologize for the amount of time it had taken for me to get back to you.
Upon checking, the transaction is not yet confirmed in the blockchain and is still in pending receive by the NANO team the reason why you have not received the funds yet. You can also check this link and it shows that there is one transaction that its still not confirmed in the blockchain: NanoLooker

I dont know what to do or say.

According to that NanoLooker link, all the transactions are already confirmed:

May i have a link to post to binance to confirm? Please as this what was requested

“Thank you for providing us the screenshot. Upon checking on the link it still on "Send" status. If you could provide us the link that stated that NANO team already confirmed the transaction for us to proceed with the process.”