This account hasn't been opened yet

i just transferred all my nano balance from the nano wallet on the main website to my Exodus wallet..
the funds are still zero, and when i try to look where my funds it just tells me this: "This account hasn't been opened yet" (i have been added screenshot)

please can someone tell me how i get the fund that are now gone?

Hi - I tested just now sending to Exodus and it worked as expected, so if the issue has persisted and a restart of the app hasn't fixed it, then I would recommend you contact the team for support:

Hey Andy,
Thanks, I'll try to contact them for further support :slight_smile:

i tried to contact them and then i noticed that all the funds as retruned to my nano wallet in the website...
Then i tried to send the funds to my binance account, it failed and the funds again return to my original account and then i tried to download a different wallet and to move the funds there, Same thing.. failed and the funds returned to the website account.

I think that there is a problem with the website to send funds to other wallets..
i posted a screenshot, this is what happend after i send funds, it looks like the transaction happend but actually nothing happend...

Someone knows what to do?
nano suppoused to be the easiest way to transfer crypto..
I will be glad for help.. thanks again

Try importing your seed into the or Natrium wallets. It sounds like the wallets you're currently using are having issues with sends and receives.

To clarify, this is not an issue with the Nano network or protocol, but an issue with the local wallet being utilized. The wallet is not connecting properly to the network. Other wallets are not having these issues.