This account hasn't been opened yet - I never receive transaction

Sorry but i don't understand how i open my new account. I have an Atomic Wallet. So inside it i have an NANO Address. So yesterday i started with 2 differents platform to buy NANO crypto. I receivd every time the confirmation from simplex my order is passed.
Do you know why i see any transaction ?
Please help me, i wish to find my crytpo :frowning_face:
If you need my nano address is

Thank you so much

Any news for the status of network ? Spam attack is finished ?

Hi there!

The spam attack is not over, but the the recent NANO node update V21.3 improved the nodes' abilities to handle it.

According to Nanolooker the last transaction to your NANO address was over 2 days ago.
If you want to inspect the transactions sent to you by the platforms, you need to look for the transactions ID/hash on those platforms.
Not seeing any incoming blocks on Nanolooker could mean different things.

It may be necessary that the senders have to rebroadcast the transactions.
That should automatically happen, if they fail to receive a confirmation within 5 seconds.
Chances are, the sending nodes aren't configured properly.

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Ok I send an email to Atomic Wallet to rebroad my transactions, wait and see...

Isn't your Atomic Wallet the receiving end of the transaction? If yes, they can't help you right now.

At NANO a transaction requires a send block (transferring NANO to the receiver) broadcast by the sender and a receive block (pocketing the NANO) broadcast by the receiver.

From what I can see, the send block might be missing. That's why I assumed it might be caused by issues on the sender side of the transaction.

Yes, it's true, I send an update of my ticket in Atomic support because i bought my nano with my wallet directly, I received an message from them, now my case it's forward to Simplex :wink:

You'll get it sorted out. I keep my fingers crossed!

Others have had the same issue. I posted here.

I also found another thread about this issue that links to yet another thread about this issue that mentions "use the load from paper wallet option in Natrium for mobile to move the Nano to a Natrium wallet."

You might try the steps mentioned here:

After step 8, I'm not sure why the instructions tell you to contact the Atomic support team, or what they would do from there.

But what worked for me was after step 8, use the "Load from Paper Wallet" function in Natrium and paste the same private key.

Ultimately it appears that Atomic and Exodus wallets don't reliably connect to the Nano network, or at least not at first.

I suppose the spam attack on the network didn't help either.

I try this option to take private key and import it in Natrium and I don't UNDERSTAND how it's possible I have another nano address link with this key, so with the same key I have TWO nano address, i think i will have a big problem to find my money...
I forwarded nano from my nano address Natrium to my nano address in my Atomic wallet and i received it. But nothing more i waiting simplex to resend my new nano (100 nano!!) but i scare to lost all :frowning:

How to do it : If you want to inspect the transactions sent to you by the platforms, you need to look for the transactions ID/hash on those platforms. ??

I send an email to support simplex but no answer :frowning:

Yeah, it's pretty close to postal delivery; the sender needs to give you the tracking ID if you want to know about the delivery
Normally you would just see the incoming transaction, but because of the spam some things are not exactly normal.

I have the tracking ID :

Look it's my nano address but the transaction appears nowhere...


Unfortunately that's only a simplex internal references and not the block hashes.
That means it's not the tracking ID of the network, hence you can't look it up with a NANO explorer.

First of all, your funds are not lost.

Second, you can have multiple Nano addresses created with the same seed/private key. This will not create a problem.

Third, it is incorrect to say "pretty close to postal delivery; the sender needs to give you the tracking ID if you want to know about the delivery". That is simply not true.

You can view transaction history of a wallet address simply by knowing the address. Your transaction history is viewable here:

You can see the faucet transactions you received on March 17, and the two Binance transactions are pending.

Yes, it's a goooooooooood new step now, i see 2 transactions in pending but last time no

:smiley: I'm happy to see that.

Obviously this only works, if the block explorer you're looking at is synced. By searching for the block hash you know whether it is or not.
In what way is a tracking ID of a postal service not the equivalent of a block hash at NANO?
Back when I was giving help no pending transactions were shown at Nanolooker and this block explorer was at that time less behind than others like Nanocrawler.