This account hasn't been opened yet / I did not recive any NANO after transaction

Hello. I transferd some NANO from Kucoin to Binance and the deposit did not arrive on Binance even if it appears in the blockchain as a complete and confirmed transaction. The following text appears to me and I don't know exactly what it means:

"This account hasn't been opened yet

While the account address is valid, no blocks have been published to its chain yet. If NANO has been sent to this account, it still needs to publish a corresponding block to pocket the funds. "

How can I activate this address so that I can receive the coins? I also opened a ticket at Binance but no one answered yet. Please help me. The more time passes, I feel like I'm going to lose them all...

Thank you in advance for any help!

You can search the forum for previous posts. This issue has been brought up many times. These are just the ones I found in a single search:

Unfortunately, in none of the posts does anyone give any concrete solution :frowning:

correct! beyond frustrating!

The solution I wrote about worked for me.

Have you had any luck? I'm in the same boat.

What solution is that? Please.

If the address you sent to is a binance deposit address, then it is on binance to broadcast an open block to receive the tx you sent to them. If your sent tx is already confirmed on most block explorers, you just have to wait on binance as they are the only ones that can do something. The network has already done its job. If your send tx is unconfirmed, you can try rebroadcasting your tx with a higher PoW to restart its election and get it confirmed. There are many in the community helping others do this if you can not do it yourself (reach out on reddit or discord).