This account hasn't been opened yet but my account has funds in it

I have recently attempted to restore my wallet. My original wallet was on and I put my private key into Natrium and no funds are showing. It has had funds in it for years. I tried to check out my address on nanocrawler and it says that the account isn't open yet.

Please help. I'm not sure what to do.

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That should usually work, can you confirm in a blockexplorer like nanocrawler that your account has funds?

I'd recommend to try, it can import many different kinds of seeds/keys, and also has a wallet sweeper feature under "advanced", where it tries all kinds of different importing methods and send all funds it finds to your new wallet.

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Thank you! I went with Natrium and it still had 0 funds in there but after I added two accounts the funds showed up.

@alarch86 This was the issue i was facing many days ago. I saw your post thanks man the solution you mention i really works. :slightly_smiling_face: