Strange Wallet Issues (Gonano)


I had some Nano in Mercatox, and went to move them to a GoNano wallet. After waiting for six weeks or so, the withdrawal was confirmed finally confirmed last week.

Unfortunately, when I try to send any nano with the account I get the error:

json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field .diffulty_trend of type []string

I get the same error when I try to change the default representative, which apparently has < 9% uptime (wtf GoNano).

... I still have my 24 word seed mnemonic, so I tried exporting the mnemonic phrase, and pasted it into Nault’s wallet sweeper. No joy. A couple accounts moved their tiny test balances, but not the main one with the bulk of funds.

Nanocrawler shows that the Nano is still in the Gonano wallet account - NanoCrawler

So, I am pretty lost now, and don’t know what else I can try.

Would really appreciate some help with this.

Instead of sweeping you can add the seed to a Nault wallet and see if balance shows up, then manually create the transaction to your new wallet.

Thanks for the reply @sparkcrz

When I try to configure a new wallet from seed, both in Nault and Natrium, I get the error "Unable to decode mnemonic, double check it!" :pensive:

I'm directly copying and pasting the seed, and also tried typing directly - there's no transcription error at play.

is it a 12 word mnemonic, a 24 word mnemonic or a seed?
the 12 word is BIP39
the 24 word is standard
the seed is a sequence of characters not words

Thanks, that wasn't the issue though.

A recent GoNano update has solved the problem, so I'll mark this closed