Some suggestions for the documentation

Starting developing apps for NANO I came across some hindrances and questions that I could not find immediately answers to. It took me at times hours to figure it out. I had someone ask me questions I initially had from my own experience when I first started.
I think it would be good to add some things to the docu or make some changes so there are less people falling into roadblocks, not getting discouraged from developing and have a more pleasant initial hindrance free experience.
It also stops people from having to ask the same questions over and over again.

  • The CPU usage. It would be nice for newcomers to understand that the high CPU usage stems from proof of work generations and it also is the reason to why there are delays or it appears frozen after using the send or receive block command.
  • Starting off with a public node or ones own node ( which I think should be the default recommendation )
  • Once the node is running that block_count can be used to check whether or not it is synced up before using it.
  • Using nano-looker, nanocrawler or any other site to verify the progress in synchronization by comparing the block_count with other nodes
  • How to create a node. The only good guide I personally found on how to set up a node I came across was provided by nendly ( Something like this would be good on not outside of it. It's simple and easy to follow along.
  • One private key equals one public address
  • Setting RPC.enable and enable_control so one can start developing apps for it
  • Creating thousands of wallets with a key or thousand of keys in one wallet. In the beginning I did not have an answer to that so by trail and error I found out thousands of wallets is not the way to go.
  • An easy guide on how to start making a first transaction would be very helpful. For example a small guide showing:. wallet_create -> key_create -> wallet_add -> send

Overall I think a prominent simple step by step guide close to the front page on how start developing for nano would be very helpful for beginners and gives developers an easier entry.


You are totally right and I had exactly the same questions when I started one month ago. The Nano website has lots of reference style material but it has not many guides that will take you step by step from A to B, which would be complementary to the reference material. That makes starting up as a newbie, difficult.

I have started a project to document the first steps of developing for Nano from the node developer's perspective (C++ perspective). It is not exactly what a Nano app developer would want to see but some of the questions are universal like, is my node synced, how do I run my node locally, how do I create wallets and accounts and it would be always useful to know how a Nano node is put together. The project is here and feedback is encouraged and welcome:


These are good insights. To ensure they don't get lost I created a GitHub issue in the docs repository here: Various documentation update suggestions from forum · Issue #512 · nanocurrency/nano-docs · GitHub


Any updates on this?