Setting up my own single Nano dev network node


I am a newbie to Nano and am trying to setup a Nano node for testing purpose. I followed this guide:

What I get: I am getting 0 balance to the initial wallet from genesis private key.
Expected result: Wallet has balance so I can start developing using the test network

These are my steps:

  1. docker pull nanocurrency/nano-test:V23.0
  2. docker run --restart=unless-stopped -d -p 17075:17075 -p -p -v root:/root --name nano-test nanocurrency/nano-test:V23.0
    to start fresh
  3. stop the container, change enable_control = true in config-rpc.toml
  4. curl -d "{"action":"block_count"}" http**://
    ^ this doesn't return "count": 1, but count is 21446
  5. curl -d "{"action":"wallet_create"}" http**://
  6. using the private key from the github source code, call wallet_add
    curl -d "{"action":"wallet_add","wallet":"","key":"34F9CE4"}" http**://
  7. curl -d "{"action":"wallet_balance_total","wallet":"*"}"
    "balance": "0",
    "pending": "0",
    "receivable": "0",
    "accounts_count": "1",
    "accounts_block_count": "0",
    "accounts_cemented_block_count": "0",
    "deterministic_count": "0",
    "adhoc_count": "1",
    "deterministic_index": "0"

I was expecting there is balance here so I can start creating another account / wallet and start testing.


Kok Hoor

Please ignore the issue. It is resolved. Apparently nano dev mode is different from nano test mode.

Now switched to dev mode and it is working now.