Running a node on android platform

Is it possible to build and run a node on an android device ?
Thank you

I built and ran a node on my phone a while back using, just to see if it was possible. You need a powerful device of course.

Could you please explain me the steps that you followed.
It will be very helpful for my project.

Thank you

as I understand it is a Linux emulator on android and after installation, run a node for Linux through it.

@Romeo I do have some notes of what worked back then:

Basically I installed Ubuntu in UserLAnd and logged in. Using apt, I installed/upgraded git, gcc, cmake and curl (for local RPC testing). Then I cloned the Nano node git repository and installed boost using the util/build_prep/ script.

Then I ran cmake with BOOST_ROOT set to /usr/local/boost, followed by make nano_node. Configs were generated with --generate_config node/rpc and edited to enable RPC before starting the node. I also installed VNC to be able to work with it more easily.