Run command option query

Hi all,

I took a look at the documentation again today and it looks like a new line was added to the run command. I'm not going to be using websockets, so should I remove line 5 ( -p [::1]:7078:7078 ) or is the recommendation to leave it in? If I don't include the line, what effect does this have?

1 docker run --restart=unless-stopped -d
2 -p 7075:7075/udp
3 -p 7075:7075
4 -p [::1]:7076:7076
5 -p [::1]:7078:7078
6 -v {NANO_HOST_FOLDER}:/root \ 7 --name {NANO_NAME}
8 nanocurrency/nano:${NANO_TAG}

All help appreciated, thanks!

Websockets are turned off by default. If you leave it off you should be able to remove the port 7078 line if you want, doesn’t hurt to include it though. That line in the docker run command allows the container to bind to that port. If you remove it and then enable websockets the node won’t be able to use that port so it won’t start up.