Restore seed from nano wallet desktop

Hi, I bought some nano a while ago and I stored it on my computer with Nano Wallet Desktop. I recently opened the application and found out that it was shut down in February. The website says that I should open the app and go to settings to find the seed value. The problem is that I can't. The application just keeps loading. Is all my nano lost? I have all the files for the wallet application. The log files and everything.

Just like this: Nano Wallet Desktop - Album on Imgur

After some research, it seems that this can be linked to the wallet trying to load up its database before letting you access the UI. So well worth trying the following fix:

First, make a backup of the wallet files you mentioned, then create a new file called "data.ldb" - without quotes, in your Nano Wallet folder.

Launch the wallet, and if successful, it should allow you to open the wallet to receive the seed. Balances will say zero, but restore the seed elsewhere, and your balance will be correct.

Let me know if it solves the issue, good luck.

Hi. I have the same issue as OP, cant access the seed cause wallet keeps loading.
I tried to create a file called data.ldb and still doesnt work, plus i dont know what files shouuld i make a backup of since no one mentioned any file.
In my nano wallet folder theres only 4 files + 2 folders, files are the wallet, one that says update and does nothing, a squirrelsetup.txt file and a .jpg
Can u explain what kind of file should i create and how to do it so i can access to the seed? thx

This may be different for you but my folder pathway is:

C:/Users//AppData/Roaming/Nano Wallet Desktop

It contains 8 folders and 15 files. One of which is "data.ldb".

Make sure you have a "data.ldb" in that folder, after you have backed it up.

Ok i found the folder. It contains data.ldb file.
What should i do now?

Did you try backing up that existing data.ldb file and then adding a blank data.ldb file in it's place? That should prevent the loading from happening and allow you to access the UI to get the seed.

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What kind of file should I create the new data.ldb file? I mean when i try to create i new file i can only select a text file, folder or img file, none of them renaming to data.ldb works.
If I run the wallet without the data.ldb file i go to another launch screen, one that says " To begin using Nano Wallet Desktop, you must first create a new wallet or import your wallet data using a seed." Its like main interface, but still cant access my seed and it just keeps loading staying at 0%

Problem solved, thanks.

I actually found my seed saved on my computer so it all worked out fine. Thanks for the tip anyways!

hi i still have raiblocks from 2017 with a old raiblocks wallet seed ! how do i restore this funds? thx

You wanna enter that seed into a new wallet to restore your account.

yes restoring this funds from old wallet!