Restore old RaiBlock wallet backup

Hi all,
I would love to know how to restore the old RaiWalletBackUp.dat that I have saved, the seed is saying that it is invalid in pretty much all of the wallets that accept nano seeds which I have installed.
Please help as I have spoken to Andy Johnson who says that he cannot direct me how to restore the data I backed up using their software. He just kept repeating here is the list of apps you have (I suspect he may be a bot :smile:) Despite the fact I asked specifically which software to use seeing as this is a unique case.
Please advise

Haha, im not a bot dude

I am like you, an human. I just don't have too much knowledge around that type of backup file, but if the seed you are using to import is not valid, then quite simply, it must not be being entered correctly or was incorrectly recorded first time around.

It's a 64 character hexadecimal string, can you double-check?

So I am digging and digging for a file like that, to see if a wallet ever used that type of file and ran into Canoe Wallet.

That can allow import via wallet file, do you recall using this wallet on desktop?

I definitely downloaded a program from your website, I don't remember which wallet it was as it was around 2-3 years ago. I will try that one, and see how it goes. Thank you for digging and digging.

I have found out what happened, this was stolen as it was purchased through BitGrail and transferred to your wallet, they probably never had the move confirmed and took the money before they were shut down for a massive fraud case.
Good to know that passwords make sod all difference in instances like this.
The wallets say they do not exist and/or are empty.
Thank you for your help, this has been a dissapointing result as if I hadn't have converted to your coin this would have been worth £190 by now.
You win some you loose alot!
Peace out and be careful which companies you use online!