Redesigned Feedback Post

Thanks for the offer, I will reach out to you to coordinate help.

I like it! Would love to see even more obvious "ways to spend your nano". And I realize there is a question of third party and the instability of that relationship.

Maybe if the third party operators make affiliate programs, that way everyone will get a cut?

For example: if someone wants to pay for a game on Steam with Nano, how does one go about it?

It should be a 3 click operation!

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Loving the redesign!

I'm writing an automoderator default post for the Nano_Tipper subreddit, and it made me realize that new users might not understand "Pay" on These people are coming in with zero crypto knowledge and they're looking for basics on how to "Use" Nano. They're not trying to "Pay" anyone.

On they see, "Pay with Nano", "Integrate Nano", and "Build on Nano", none of which is what they're really trying to do.

CommodoreAmiga suggested moving content from the "Pay with Nano" page to the homepage, which makes some sense to me. When I put on my newbie hat, I remember scrolling through cryptocurrency homepages looking for wallets, exchanges, and vendors. Why not present that all to them on the first page?


i'd also love to see front page to be more representative of what Nano has to offer without requiring additional clicks:

  • wallets (with clear statement that they are listed for information purposes) - wallets are proof of working network and gateways to a currency for most users. wallets allow to personally experience the network; if they are difficult to find, people might stumble upon malicious alternatives instead.

  • a single navigational block of (faucets - where to buy - where to spend) so it still takes a couple clicks but you have a more informative navigation than having to press "use nano" or "pay nano". faucets need to have a prettier design similarly to how service icons are shown, at the moment they look dull, unappealing to click on, and miss the disclaimer that they are not official (especially with nano-faucet). faucets allow users to test wallets and transaction speeds so they are fairly important.

  • positive network stats that can be verified (median transaction speed - nanospeed, ORV distribution etc.)


When I was trying to download the V20 Nano wallet I thought the same.
Finally found it, but rather by clicking through the site and hitting it by chance.

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Some other items:

  • The developer wallet should be listed somewhere on the site, even if it specifically says "For developers". There aren't many other full wallet options:
  • Magnum would be a good wallet option to list since it runs their own rep and allows rep changes
  •, Uphold, and MetalPay still don't allow withdrawals, so maybe they should be replaced with something else? Bitvavo, BrainBlocks Trading, ChangeNow, Kraken, etc