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I was asked to collect feedback for the new
Please paste your thoughts here!



I strongly suggest that the team add a disclaimer on any page linking to an external domain (especially for the wallets on the "Pay with Nano" page, but also others) which states these links are for information only, and are not recommendations.
Given the pain that earlier links to BitGrail caused, this would protect the team in the event of user's future losses due to, for example, a bug in a third-party wallet.


First of all, I would like to say that I really like the new design, it seems very well well thought through.

That being said, one thing that I miss is more obvious information on where to buy Nano. The FAQs do give a link to CMC, but I believe this information should be placed more prominently. For instance, you could add a point "Buy Nano" under "Get Started".
I am aware that explicitly recommending third-party exchanges is sensitive (especially given the Bitgrail history), which is why I believe a link to CMC or other sites should be sufficient.

The information on where one can buy Nano is important because will be the first go-to place for many people searching for "nano" for the first time.

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I should add that I love the new design, and think it's an excellent relaunch.
It's much better designed to drive the reader to take action, rather than be just...a reader.

This is especially important for encouraging merchant acceptance. Merchants do not know that all they need to do (at the most very-simplistic level) is to just display a Nano address.
Although much more sophisticated options are available, merchants need to know that they could be accepting Nano in minutes of reading the page.

minor typo on last FAQ item:
"People who hold Nano to decide who generates consensus instead of mining companies, and makes it easy to redistribute voting weight across the world."




Overall big improvement over the last site. Couple small things...fix the mixed content warnings. Your search needs to be fixed so it loads over a secure connection and not http. Minify your html. Optimize the grey link color for better legibility against the dark blue backgrounds. It's hard to read currently. Also grey (#D3D4D8) dates below latest news are almost invisible against the white background. Also maybe a bit more white space all around so content has more breathing room so it doesn't feel so 'built with bootstrap'


I liked it in general, the only detail I could find is that the directory you recommend [] could improve much more. I think it would ideal for the community to make the experience of submitting new merchants a more enjoyable process. With the new design of, feels a little bit off. So I think a redesign could be necessary to improve the UX and UI.


The Chinese translation is way off. It looks like a lot of the translation is done by Google Translate.

Also the "Search" button on the home page is a bit hidden. It took me a while to realize I could search anything on the home page. Perhaps some highlight effect on the button will help. Also it wasn't intuitive to me that the "globe" button is for language. Perhaps you can show the current language next to it e.g. "EN" to make it more intuitive.

Otherwise great website!


Very minor but the three features (fee-less/eco-friendly/instant) written underneath the tagline midway through the homepage should be centre-aligned rather than left-aligned.

I think the way I've described looks much nicer. I made a quick draft in paint:


Hi, if you scroll down to Pay with Nano page you will see a more prominent link to CMC.

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Hey, I am the developer of UseNano

I appreciate your feedback, and I am currently working on a new enhanced version of UseNano where it is far easier for people to add new merchants. And the UI will most likely be changed as well.


Better then the last website. Still very amateur though :frowning: Not just the design, the codebase is messy and sadly not written from scratch. I feel like everything about Nano should breathe efficiency. In my opinion the new website does not reflect that.

I've been busy with a mockup of my own to better reflect the identity of nano. For anyone interested: (desktop only - FHD)

I'll do a writeup later with proper feedback on the new website.

Thanks for the callout. We had the disclaimer in our Terms of Use and you can see it in the footer on the site now as well. We will consider your comment about the focus on making sure merchants understand how easy to accept Nano it can be - perhaps some more basic options can be explained further.

Thanks! This is now resolved.

We have been doing further review of performance and ratings on the site and will be making adjustments where appropriate to improve things. Thanks for this link, we will consider the feedback it provides.

That's great, @LilleJohs. :smiley::raised_hands:

Thanks for the feedback. We have made a couple of these adjustments and will continue to look further into others.

We appreciate the feedback. There are some translations for Chinese that were pushed to the site today, let us know if you run into anything major on the translation side. We will consider these other update as well as we look to keep improving things!

To be blunt it looks like the translator didn’t take their job seriously at all. Some translations are not accurate. Translation for “integrate” is totally out of context. “Nano” is translated to “nanometer” numerous time. And list goes on. Is there anyway I can suggest edits? I thought the original website was going to allow community members to do that.