Recovering from Raiwallet 8.0


Long time NANO holder since the days of Raiblocks here. Lately I've came back and realised I still had some NANO in my old desktop Raiwallet. I've been trying to recover them ever since, but with a lost seed and a locked wallet, I can't access my funds. However, what I did find, was a backup.json file and my data.ldb file. Is it possible to gain access to my seed via those files, or is it possible to eliminate the password that is still active on my Raiwallet 8.0?
I've tried reinstalling and replacing the AppData files with the ones I backed up, but that doesn't seem to work unfortunately. Is there another way?

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i have same problem, only have seed !! would like to know how to recover with seed!

I believe any wallet that is password protected will not be accessible without that password. @SergSW or @clemahieu are either of you aware of any way to recover from older versions of a locked node wallet (assuming that is what Raiwallet 8.0 is here) as requested here?