Recommended VPS host for running a decent node?

I want to run a decent node but as cheap as possible. Recommendations?

There are many available and normally easiest to use Google. But to give some suggestions:

  • Many uses DigitalOcean because it’s easy to setup and very flexible. It is a bit more expensive than most others for the kind of performance you get. It would also be arguably better to not use them as there are already many nodes in there which increases network centralization.

  • A better deal would be Hetzner which I know many uses as well and with good results.

  • Even cheaper VPS can be found at Contabo. Much value for simple tasks but one problem is they seem to pack many users to share the same hardware which degrade the performance. You can get lucky, or unlucky with your neighbors.

  • A similar option is Netcup. They have good offers of “root-servers” which have dedicated CPU cores. According to my own tests 2 dedicated cores perform better than 4 shared cores on Contabo.

Performance wise, a dedicated server is always better than a shared VPS but it’s a question of what you can afford.