Real world usecases of Nano

New to the tech, on the surface there is a lot to like but digging deeper I am trying to find out about real-world implementations. Is there a place for case studies I have missed or if not can anyone educate me?

The use-case is to transfer value as fast as possible, with zero fees. That is especially very important for countries where people don't have that much money to waste on fees. Where every cent matters. So, that is the use-case. In comparison to other projects this may seem like nothing. All the DeFis, smart contracts etc. But Nano is focusing on the core use-case. Bitcoin isn't solving it. No one is able to afford 30 USD fees on a 3 USD coffee transaction. Even if you bundle them, this is still a lot of money. Nano is that what Bitcoin was supposed to be.

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Thanks, So is this use-case being played out today, any real-world commercial (or not) examples?

The use case is basically 99% of financial transactions out there. Shopping at a store, buying a bus pass, paying back your friend for dinner.

I don't know where you live but most of take a stable currency and banking system for granted but most people on the planet don't have this.

Even in developed nations merchants and thus customers are hit with transaction fees.

See below for one example of integrating Nano into payment systems.

"Kappture | Cutting edge point of sale, payments and stock control"