Raven Coins


Recollect converting NANO to Raven coins on NANEX. When I login to my wallet, I do not see the Raven coins any longer. Wrote to Nano support and they replied saying

"Nanowallet.io does not work to store Raven coins and it actually never did.
Did you maybe use a different wallet?"

I do not now recollect if I stored them on NANEX and with that exchange now decommissioned, was hoping if there's really some way I can secure my tokens back.

Kindly advise !


This has nothing to do with Nano. So, maybe you want to ask Raven or Nanex instead.

Thanks... but yes I did try reaching Nanex since that was operated by Nano.
Unfortuntely, they have been shut for a while and not reachable. Would there be an alternate way to get access please ?

hellow whats you problem???