Proposal to allow redelegation of Nano voting weight

I would like to propose allowing representatives to redelegate the voting weight delegated to them.

My reasoning:

  • Obviously, in the spirit of decentralization, every user should have the right to delegate their voting weight to whoever they choose.
  • However, this becomes a problem, when users do not actively and regularly monitor the state of their chosen representative (is it still active/online?).
  • Having voting weight delegated to inactive representatives reduces the “online” voting weight and, hence, reduces network security.
  • If a node operator shuts down their node (for whatever reason), then it would be good for the network, if this node operator could redelegate the entire voting weight delegated to them to a different (active) representative of their choosing, so as to keep the voting weight online going forward.
  • The redelegated voting weight can be used just as if it were normally delegated to the new representative by a user. In other words, delegated and redelegated (and reredelegated etc.) voting weights are treated equally by the network.

Potential benefits/risks in case of good/malicious node operators

  • If the node operator is a good actor, they will delegate the voting weight to one or more other representatives, which they consider suitable. This is certainly better than letting the voting weight go offline after shutting down the node.
  • If the node operator is a malicious actor, they will delegate the voting weight to one or more other “bad” representatives. This is just as bad as the situation before, where the bad representative could vote maliciously using the voting weight delegated to them directly by Nano users.
  • In both of these cases, users can always choose an entirely new representative and delegate their entire voting weight (including all of the redelegated weight) to them.


All in all, I don’t see any downsides to this change. However, the upside is that voting weight does not have to go offline if a node operator shuts down a representative and users do not bother delegating their voting weight to a different representative. Instead, the voting weight can be redelegated and kept online and useful to the network, at least if the node operator is a good actor.

Open questions

  • What do you think about this idea?
  • Has this been proposed before?
  • Did I miss something important or is this something to consider for future development?

I proposed something similar here, with an upper limit for how much online voting weight any permanent representative could have.

Closing as duplicate of Enhancing decentralization by design, by choosing PRs through weighted STV - #5 by Eden

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