Problems importing wallet to from ledger nano s

Disclaimer: I'm pretty tech illiterate. I also fear that I messed up and lost my coins.

I'm trying to configure a wallet on using Ledger Nano S as the import type.

The website gives the following warning:

Ledger Device Not Connected
Connect your ledger device via USB and make sure you have the Nano app installed, then press the button below to retry.

My ledger is connected with the USB and it has the nano app installed.

When I hit refresh, I get a pop up from windows security that says the following:

Making sure its you
Please sign in to
This request comes form Chrome, published by Google LLC.
This security key doesn't look familiar.
Please try a different one.

I don't know how to try a different security key. Please advise. Thank you.

NanoVault is no longer actively supported by their development team, but the community has forked and created a new version called Nault. If you are looking to use a Ledger device you might want to try out Nault. Here is a migration guide from the community:

If you have further questions you might try asking on our Discord server as that is more active these days: