Problemas al recivir

No se puede generar trabajo para 6FA7B6555C1FFA0C929B7409ED0D1D8D7D39500E1FAFBA78BB7AE194F99D9918 usando el servidor

Unable to generate work for 6FA7B6555C1FFA0C929B7409ED0D1D8D7D39500E1FAFBA78BB7AE194F99D9918 using server

Are you using Atomic wallet? Atomic wallet is currently not working. Pending nano transaction - #2 by Srayman

estoy usando esta walle y aun sigue el problema al recibir

Nanovault is deprecated. Your funds are safe and you can access them with Nault, based on Nanovault, by importing your seed or private key. You can find a list of other wallets at, although Atomic is currently not working (their devs have been informed).