Please need help concerning transfer through Nanovault

Yesterday we transfered our Nano from Kraken to our ledger via Nanovault app.
For a reason we don't understand the account address we copied from the app was wrong. It seems to be a kind of "transit account" of the app.
The amount we transfer (11091.707260 Nano) appear on historic transaction but seems to be transfer twice (- and +) from that account to same account.
There is no support service from Nanovault and we have no idea what to do.
Is there anybody to help us please?
We hope we did not lost all our crypto.

Is it this transaction? Looks like you withdrew to the Kraken hot wallet address, I would open a support ticket with Kraken.

Many thanks for your help. We open already a ticket with Kraken but I was not aware of that.
We are getting back to them.
Thanks again.

Hello, just wanted to give you an update concerning my nano situation.
What happened is I registered for a withdraw from Kraken a wrong account adress.
I got that adress from a previous transfer but very stupidly I copied the adress of the origin of the transfer...the Kraken wallet
So, concerning that second transfer I sent my nano from the Kraken Wallet to that same Kraken wallet. Actually by that action, I gave my nano to Kraken....
I asked Kraken if they could kindly send me back those Nano and here is the answer:

"Thank you for contacting Kraken.
We certainly understand how frustrating it is when digital assets are mistakenly forwarded to the wrong address.
At Kraken, we do everything we can to help prevent these incidents, including posting a warning on our deposit pages about the correct routing of funds.
In your case, we have decided to make an exception to our policy and will attempt to recover your crypto tokens.
We have forwarded the details of your case to our development team. Please note that this process is time-intensive and may not be successful. Although we cannot make any estimate about when your funds might be recovered, we will update you once the recovery attempt is complete."

So they might refund me sometime...still better than no we won't refund you.

Do you have any idea why it is so difficult to make a transfer for them??

I think mostly for book keeping, they need to check if you indeed sent the coins to their address before asking someone with access to their private keys (probably installed on their production server with only a handful of devops having access to it) to move the coins again. I bet they don't have some admin only area to move assets on those wallets for security reasons.

Thank you for your reply.
I hope it won't be too long any more. It is now a month since I have open the ticket.
Stressfull time.
But it was my mistake... so that is the price to pay.

Thanks again.