Please need help concerning transfer through Nanovault

Yesterday we transfered our Nano from Kraken to our ledger via Nanovault app.
For a reason we don't understand the account address we copied from the app was wrong. It seems to be a kind of "transit account" of the app.
The amount we transfer (11091.707260 Nano) appear on historic transaction but seems to be transfer twice (- and +) from that account to same account.
There is no support service from Nanovault and we have no idea what to do.
Is there anybody to help us please?
We hope we did not lost all our crypto.

Is it this transaction? Looks like you withdrew to the Kraken hot wallet address, I would open a support ticket with Kraken.

Many thanks for your help. We open already a ticket with Kraken but I was not aware of that.
We are getting back to them.
Thanks again.