Pippin - A High Performance Alternative to the Nano Node Developer Wallet

Hey guys,

Also announced on Reddit but posting it here too.

Pippin is a high performance API/CLI wallet that's an alternative to the node developer wallet.

It has many benefits including:

  • Can be used with any public RPC
  • Native support for DPoW/BPoW
  • 2x faster or more in high concurrency situations
  • Supports dynamic PoW difficulty
  • Supports encryption
  • Supports SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database backends.

Full announcement:



Thank you! I have it up and running with DPoW for my latest project. Wonderfully simple to install. Haven't put it through the ringer yet, but great so far.

Betsy and Pippin ... what a pair!

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I can't wait to see what people build using this!


Although I haven't had a chance to dig into this too much, the node wallet is an area where having additional options for productions systems is great to see. We are grateful for your work on Natrium and this Pippin looks like it could be a good option for integrations to research.