Pending transactions since 2020

Hello, according to NanoLooker, I have 30 transactions stucked
Any ideas on how to receive it?


Thanks in advance!

Pending can be easily confused with unconfirmed (i.e. stuck).

Those transactions are "ready to be received". They have been sent to you and are fully confirmed but your balance is not updated until you broadcast a receive operation to the network allowing it to update your account balance. To do so, all you need to do is open that account on a wallet and it will automatically do that for you.

Lean how transactions work and the difference between pending and unconfirmed.

Feel free to suggest updates to the linked content if anything is unclear.

As you can see on this block explorer, those transactions are ready to be received and they are all confirmed.

Hello. Please help me out. I’m worried and scared. 181nano was sent to my trust wallet from okex on March 27 2021. And I have not seen the coin till today. Plsss help me. It was showing a pending transaction initially, then started saying unknown block. Help me plsss.
Here’s the hash 895D38A0A88650BA1431A386F68499032CC74B843807A010C0DAD8FB7989BC83

My wallet address : nano_15rifxz6aytru5r8amkixqa5pwfxie1yfjgpjh9q1cb1xkphphxi8r6wyg36

The senders wallet address : nano_1o5rr464r8bgu4h3jnt5yn4a6tbd5shbbpwk6aj6sunf8dzdpmke6q4tgtkj

Plsss help me. I’m pleading. This was my entire savings.

That block hash was not found on any of the block explorers and nodes I checked. Unless there is a different block hash & address you sent to, the funds are still with okex. You will have to contact them for information & help.

Here is your account and its transaction history:

As you can see there are no transactions from nano_1o5rr464r8bgu4h3jnt5yn4a6tbd5shbbpwk6aj6sunf8dzdpmke6q4tgtkj

Sorry that you are stressed. To avoid future stress, it is not advised to store money you can not afford to lose as Nano is still under development and a risky asset. Moving forward, I would recommend understanding these basic facts:

Thank you very much.

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