Pending transactions at a specific wallet

Hi! I have a problem about pending transactions. I tried to send some nanos to my wallet address at wirex. Now all of my sends are in "transactions pending". One of them was sent half a day ago. But if I send to another wallet, it is received in minutes. Why is this happening? How long should I wait?
Please help, I'm noob with this things. (sorry for my english)

This is my pending transactions link:

I was chatting with Wirex about that, They say it may take 24 hours to finish the transactions. Is it real? Is it the problem with the Wirex node or what? I was disappointed in nano...

I don't know about wirex, but nano takes less than a second to transfer. So it's probably wirex showing it down.

Finally Wirex figured out that the problem is on their side and managed to fix it today.

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