Pending transaction on

Hi guys! I've got 2 pending transactions on nano vault. I've sent them about a week ago and they are still pending, when I try to receive them, I got this error:

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Hello try to use new wallet from nano org Get Nano | easy-to-use digital money and select other optional wallet such as nault, natrium etc import your seed/mnemonic there then you able to own your balance

Thank you!! I've just done that and my nano are now on nault. I got one more question though, is it posible use my ledger stick to secure my nano on nault? I couldn't find this option..

Settings > Configure New Wallet > Use Ledger

You'll need to sweep your existing seed with Advanced Tools > Wallet Sweeper afterwards. Alternatively, you could use import your seed into a different wallet first, then send your Nano to yourself after importing the Ledger. Or, download the desktop version of Nault and select "Use Ledger" there, then send yourself your Nano from the web version.

Thank you very much guys! Much appreciated :slight_smile: