Peers stake too low

Hello I have the following output for my node

root@nanito-host:~# curl -d '{ "action" : "confirmation_quorum" }' [::1]:7076
    "quorum_delta": "50498029423568445180010573310213186350",
    "online_weight_quorum_percent": "50",
    "online_weight_minimum": "60000000000000000000000000000000000000",
    "online_stake_total": "100996058847136890360021146620426372740",
    "peers_stake_total": "55574068484498131420752646236159700640",
    "peers_stake_required": "60000000000000000000000000000000000000"

I think this is the reason my node is not cementing anything. How do I increase the peers stake total? I'm connected to about 300 peers.

EDIT: slight correction, it is cementing blocks, but very slowly. This is the output 5s apart

    "count": "100548011",
    "unchecked": "83472",
    "cemented": "94838265"
    "count": "100548013",
    "unchecked": "83590",
    "cemented": "94838269"

Interesting. I don't know much about confirmation_quorum, but I'm looking around on here because I've noticed that my # of unchecked blocks has been increasing over time. Cemented is increasing as well, so I just assumed that the spam attack is producing too many blocks to keep up with. But I see similar peers_stake_total results as you.

I did find a response from @Dotcom in another thread that may help:
"If you see peers_stake_total lower than peers_stake_required , feel free to stop the node, run CLI --peer_clear and then restart it normally, waiting 30 minutes before checking the previous RPC again."

Have you tried this? Did it make any difference?