PayID and Nano

Come do know about today. Even though this seems to be Ripple's initiative, the whole idea of having human readable universal payment address in a format similar to emails, but with $ instead of @ like "alice$host" where Alice trust "host" to resolve her payment address ("alice$host") into her public crypto address to whoever ask for it looks like a good idea. And considering that this is open protocol the server implementation could easily support Nano addresses as well (or only). This will also require some support from wallet developers (Natrium team and others), but nothing overly complicated, imho.

There is also with very similar goals, so not sure how these two will play together.

Funny thing that OpenCap's implementation already has Nano support mentioned back in 2018 (still "xrb_" days):

But that project seems not updated since 2018, so...

What do you think?

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I do think a trusted directory lookup / authentication service is a good way to simplify the address formats. My concern with some of these is they're trying to create a new directory service which comes with a maintenance burden.

From a design perspective it seems like if they can get this data in to something like ldap or AD it would be a lot easier for organization to integrate it in to their infrastructure, rather than maintaining and entirely new lookup system.

Do you know if anyone is working on it from this angle? Which I would think would get a lot more buy-in compared to an entirely new application.