Online Nano RPG


what are your thoughts on nano in the gaming world ???


Kill NPCs to collect weapons, equipment, and special items.

Collect blood samples to upgrade your character with transformation potions.

Follow the directions at the top of your screen to find other players and objectives.

Play with friends or your entire clan via team invites.


Press the cashout button or reload the page for instant payment. Your character must be alive with 3 player kills or 33 NPC kills qualify.

game web site :

game play:


It has been great watching game developers use Nano in their projects. I don't think many gamedevs appreciate how easy it is to start leveraging cryptocurrency in their projects and we expect to the amount of implementations increase over time.

One of the Nano Foundation's core protocol developers @wezrule recently released an Unreal Engine plugin:


This is so true even beyond game devs.

With cryptocurrency we have the ability to transact monetary value at any time in any venue in any amount between any people or systems. I think we are at such an early stage of the realization of this capability that we are still mostly trying to replace cash or other electronic (credit card) transaction.

Enlightenment will occur when it becomes mainstream to utilize cryptocurrency in ways that credit cards or cash just can't or isn't feasible. Innovation is an overused word but that's what this is.

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